Connect your devices and services

The App of Things allows easy communication between devices and services. Once your device is identified by the App of Things you can start communicating through the HidashHi Internet of Things Platform.

The app connects all kinds of devices and services; from a Smart Activity Tracker, to a Smart Alarm System, a Smart Car, a Smart Home, etc. The possibilities are endless.

Let’s add your device to our Platform and start communicating today.

100% Private & Secure

The App of Things creates a secure and private connection between devices and services. Using the HidashHi Internet of Things platform, we are able to connect devices and services directly to one another, without running information through intermediate servers.

What does this mean for you?

  • Hassle-free private communications.
  • No data is stored on third party servers.
  • Confidence that your data is 100% private.

How does it work?

Simply launch the app, create a private room and select the device or service you want to include in your session. You can search, pair, and add Bluetooth devices, as well as personalise the session by including built-in device functionality, like video camera or microphone.

Share the secret room code with the other participant using text message, email, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, etc. This code is available only to those you share it with, and only as long as the session lasts. A new code will be provided when initialising a new session.

Personal touch

We make the Internet of Things personal by adding video call and video chat on top of the Internet of Things communication between devices and services.

Possible devices, services and built-in functionalities to connect:

  • Any Bluetooth Device
  • Video (front or back camera)
  • Audio (microphone or other source)
  • Map (location by GPS)
  • Heartbeat (e.g. via Smart Watch)

Imagine what the App of Things can do for your business. Suppose you are in Retail or in Healthcare. Imagine what it can do for the Government, Automotive, and Logistics. HidashHi will change the way the world communicates online and adds real value to your device or service.

Wish to connect your devices or services? Please send an email to or call us at +31 (0)6 12 821 373